Allah knows

when you do something for someone and they’re not grateful

when you get up to pray in the early hours of the morning while the rest of the world is asleep

when you hold your tongue instead of being rude or disrespectful

when you don’t argue with your parents even though you know you’re right

when you do the right thing when no-ones watching

when you make duaa for your enemies instead of hurting them with bad words

when you do the smallest of smallest of good deeds, so small even you’ve forgotten about it.. Allah knows.

And whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it
(Qur’aan 99:7)

Dua to read when you’re in hardship.


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, Allahumma ajirni fi musibati wa akhlif li khairan minha

Verily we belong to Allah and truly to Him shall we return. O Allah! Protect me in this calamity that has befallen me and replace it with something better

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Mon bled ❤️

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God will wreck your plans when He sees that your plans are about to wreck you.

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I want a love story not like Romeo and Juliet but the greatest love that Prophet Mohammed pbuh had for Khadija RA.

Duaa for protection from all harm

This Hadith can be found in Sahih ibn Majah; it’s an authentic Hadith. Rasoolullah Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam said, there is no one who says, during the day and during the evening, the following dua

Bismillaahil-laazee laa yadurru ma-as mihee shay-un fil ardhee walaa fis-samaa-ih wahuwas-samee-ul aleem.

'In the name of Allah, the One Whose Name nothing can harm, whether on Earth or in the Heavens, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowledgeable. 

Whoever says that 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the evening, and In Sha’ Allah, Allah will protect you from all evil. Say it with certainty; don’t test Allah. Say it with confidence and Allah Bi’ithnillah will fulfil his promise. May Allah bless you, may Allah protect you from all evil.

Daily Reminder

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Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.” (Qur’an 2:214)  


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Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

Please read this!!! Wise words by @y_a_h_y_a — just the reminder we all need!!! #PrayForGaza #Ramadan

Hadhrat Abu Darda (R.A) once said, “Oh people! Continue to practice Amr bil Ma´roof wan Nahy anil Munkar (Enjoining good and forbidding evil), otherwise Allah will appoint such tyrants to rule over you, who will not respect your elders and will not have mercy upon your youngsters. Then the pious amongst you will pray to Allah, but He will not accept their supplications. You will beseech His help, but He will not help you. You will seek His forgiveness, but He will not forgive you.” The situation in #Gaza/#Palestine and around the world of the #muslims will not be helped by liking statuses or by simply donating a bit of money while sitting in our comfortable houses with our full stomachs, we might feel better about our selves thinking we are doing our bit but it doesn’t even come close!!  We have to understand the reason why the situation is like the way it is,  its not the fault of the Palestinians but the fault of the #Ummah as a whole, because we have left the very fundamentals of deen that the muslims are #suffering!  It may be a bitter pill to swallow but its the truth…we need to go back to what gave the muslims power n might in the first place…i think imam #Ghazzali explained it best when he said…👇

“It may all sound absurd to those who suppose that #strength and #power are to be found only in great armies and equipment or in scientific achievements or in the vastness of economic resources, but as Islamic history reveals that their pious who did almost nothing but made their souls stainless mirrors of God, nothing but turn upward into fellowship with him, they made the most effective contribution to the defence of their country against foreign aggression.  It is not the might of the #armed #forces that save a nation from #destruction, it is the humble and ardent devotion of a pure heart that can completely liquidate the forces of darkness of all forms and build a new and prospering Islamic state.”So its time we as Individuals and as a Ummah turn back to #Allah with our hearts and souls n make a change within us then we will see a change in the situation of the muslim…learn what brotherhood actually means…learn how to forgive and ask for forgiveness…change our lives from a life of #sin and #disobedience to a life of #obedience then and only then will muslims return to there former glory!  We dont have a shortness of wealth or numbers we are right now richer and more numerous then we have ever been in our history but we are suffering from a shortness off imaan and action! We all should be crying and asking for forgiveness!! May Allah make it easy for me and us all!


It is easy to throw the blame - for what is happening to Muslims all around the world - on others (Arab leaders or whoever.) But we forget that the main reason of Muslims weakness, is Muslims themselves..

Allah almighty says: {Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].} Quran [30:41]

Once again: { so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done}

Sheikh Ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “If there is a weakness in the Muslims & the enemy overcomes them, then it is due to their sins and errors.
(Majmoo’ 11/645)

Sirya, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza.. All are our responsibility, the responsibility of each single one of us, the consequence of what we have done, our sins, our mistakes, our unawareness…

So when you have learned that it is your fault, Then know that you have to correct it..and know that saying “Our Hearts Are with You Gaza/Sirya/iraq.." isn’t enough, your tears aren’t enough, even only Dua isn’t enough..

You want to know why? Then Read:

{ Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.} Quran [13:11]

So take the responsibility, and

  1. purify your Nafs
  2. soften your heart
  3. repent to Allah (from your sins)
  4. correct you Salat
  5. correct your Hijab
  6. Stick to the Qur’an and Sunnah
  7. leave Bid’aa (innovation)
  8. beautify your manners
  9. increase your knowledge (of Islam)
  10. preserve your tongue / ears / eyes /heart

» CHANGE youself !

The greatest opportunity is still there: **RAMDHAN**

Muslims all around the world need YOU.. don’t disappoint them.

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