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Anonymous asked: How did you feel converting from Christianity to Islam? Did you feel like you were, in some way, betraying Jesus? God bless.


Asalaamu Alaikum,

Thanks for the great question. When I first started to look into Islam, something that I struggled with was feeling like I was abandoning/betraying Isa (Jesus) a.s. Now that I know more about Isa a.s. and the Islamic view of him, I feel like I have a closer “relationship” with him as a prophet, and have a better, more grounded, understanding of him as a person than I did when I was Christian.

Although Muslims do not believe that Isa a.s. is God, or the son of God, we do believe that he is a great prophet. We believe in the immaculate conception and we believe, as Christians do, that he ascended into heaven, has not yet died, and will come again on the Day of Judgement.

While I respect the fact that many Christians do connect with their religion, some things in Christianity about Jesus, a.s., never quite made sense to me and kept me from feeling fully devoted. The concept of God having a son always seemed a little too much like Greek mythology. The idea that this son is also a part of God didn’t quite add up, since Isa, a.s., prostrated in prayer to God just like humans - which he probably wouldn’t do if he himself was God. The idea that he had to die to save all humans from original sin didn’t add up for several reasons: for this to be necessary, something more powerful than God would have to be forcing his hand - and nothing is more powerful than God. Also, God does not ask for human sacrifice, and no human is ever accountable for another’s sins.

When I fully realized that, in my heart, I didn’t believe that Jesus was synonymous with God, I felt that if I prayed to him, I would be worshiping a human being and not God, which would not only be committing a grave sin, but disrespecting Isa a.s. himself, who spread the message of God’s oneness just like the prophets before him and the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. after him.

To me, it was a relief to no longer be asked to believe these things about Isa a.s., but instead to see him as a prophet of God and one of the greatest humans to ever walk this earth.



Know my dear brothers and sisters, that Islam is not a religion that says people should be sin free, for this is impossible as we are human beings and we will make mistakes.

Therefore, you might sin, you might even sin a lot, but what matters is that you never forget who your Lord is, and that you return to Him seeking His Forgiveness and asking for Help to return to the straight path.

Alhamdullilah I finally came across a video that explains how to perform the forgetfulness prayer. It’s a must to learn and implement. I hope you find it beneficial. It’s a 3 part video so try and watch 1 a day and make notes as you go along.

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Learn Duaa

Islam teaches us that men are not superior to women. Actually, we are taught that paradise is beneath the mothers feet, that your wife completes half your religion, and that the treatment of your daughter is what opens the gates to paradise.


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“I believe that if today an autocrat of Mohammed’s caliber assumes world leadership, he could solve all problems of humanity splendidly. The world will become an abode of peace and happiness. I predict that tomorrow’s Europe will embrace Islam.” (‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936).

Michael Hart



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Do not belittle any good deed.

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